Home Of The Five Pound Pound Cake

"Made with Southern Love"

Home Of The Five Pound Pound Cake

"Made with Southern Love"

Big Moma's Pound cakes Get People Talking

Big Moma's Pound cakes Get People Talking

Joy Brownlee

"I LOVE your pound cakes. They are amazing and don't taste like anyone else's! Original and peppermint are my absolute favorite!"
~ Joy Brownlee ~

Sherry Hazelwood-Parish

"Best Pound cakes ever!"
~ Sherry Hazelwood-Parish ~

Kay Roman

"Best pound cake!!! Hands down! I need to make an order!"
~ Kay Roman ~

Mariana Colin

"Any flavor you get is delicious. Highly recommend these homemade cakes."
~ Mariana Colin ~

Leonie Roth

"Absolutely amazing!"
~ Leonie Roth ~

Jay Jones

"Veronica provided all the excitement for Mother's Day by hooking up my family with a Lemon Pound Cake!! Delicious from start to finish!"
~ Jay Jones ~

Kevin Close

"Veronica's cakes are quite possibly the best cake I have had in my life!"
~ Kevin Close ~

The Original Pound Cake

Indulge in a taste of home-baked perfection with Big Momma's Pound Cake. Our signature recipe has been passed down through generations, crafted with only the finest ingredients, and always made with love. Each cake is individually crafted by hand, beginning with flavorful batter, and moving on to an irresistible layer of icing. Add a special touch of flavor with custom-added ingredients, then bake to perfection and enjoy! This is more than just a cake - it's a celebration of family, friends, and all that makes life worth living. Get your hands on a slice of pure delectable delight - order Big Momma's Pound Cake today!


The Original Pound Cake w/ Glaze

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Original Pound Cake with Glaze from us! Made with only premium ingredients, it's crafted from scratch using a family recipe handed down for generations. Perfect for any occasion, this pound cake is individually made with love and care in every step - from the cake batter, and icing to custom ingredients on top. Treat yourself to the flavor of a traditional family recipe and enjoy the Original Pound Cake with Glaze today!


The Original Pound Cake w/ Nuts

Original Pound Cack w/Nuts - Starting with only the finest ingredients I will craft the pound cake of your choice from scratch using our family's recipe handed down from generation to generation.  From the cake batter to the icing, and spreading custom ingredients on top, my cakes are individually made with love, each step of the way. That is my promise to you.